Tuesday, April 8

Nothing to Report

This week has been good so far, I've got some cleaning done and enjoyed Monday when the girls went back to school and Charles went back to work. Today I was FREEZING when I woke up so after Trey went to school I put some thick wool socks on and curled up in a ball on the floor by Charles' feet under two blankets and dozed for a little bit until I finally thawed out. I don't know what made me so cold, but I thought it was never going to end!

Charles got me up to help him upstairs w/ the dryer - oh joy!! But hopefully we solved at least one of the problems it was having and maybe now it won't take 4hrs to dry one normal size load of clothes... and even then they wouldn't be bone dry. There was SOOOO much lint in there I'm surprised it didn't catch fire or something ridiculous.

The kids have been LOVING the weather the last two days and played outside from the time they get home from school until I drag them in for a few minutes of inhaling supper, then out until the last possible minute before bath time then bed. The girls were asleep BEFORE 9:30 tonight which is AMAZING!! lol They aren't getting chores done, but that's ok, a few days off for the weather is nice after all the cold. Its supposed to storm for the next two days which thrills me to death, but they are less than excited.

So tonight I'm just sitting here watching a movie and honestly sorta feel like I have a fever or something. My insides are all weird feeling lol - that's descriptive, huh?? Man, I better not be getting sick again - SERIOUSLY!! I'm ignoring the fact that my ear aches - I'm TOTALLY in denial that that is relevant! :-)

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