Tuesday, April 1


Since we've been sans kids for a few days, we've really done nothing but watch movies. We made it to the theatre once, too!! We saw Stop-Loss and I really liked it alot! It made me sad though, because I kept thinking about my friend who is over there for the 2nd time, and the other two guys I know that will be going back over shortly. Its so sad we can't just bring these guys home for good... Hopefully the new president will make some CHANGES!!!!!!!

But anyway, let's see... Here is a quick list of things we have watched in the past 4 days or so. (And yes, we have been TOTAL couch potatoes!!!)

Keeping the Faith
The Illusionist
Playing by Heart
Cruel Intentions
Rain Man
Mad Max
Night at the Museum

I'm sure that there have been more, but I'll have to think about what they are lol.

Our vacation might be coming to a short end though. My MIL had to go to the ER tonight w/ her blood pressure and chest pain, so the little ones are back with my parents. They can't do all three at once, so I imagine I'll be getting a call tomorrow to come get 1-2 of them. That makes me sad, but I know all 3 is alot for Nana and Papaw. Anyway, the short break was really nice!! (My MIL is doing ok so far, they've currently got her hooked up to IVs and have brought her BP down quite a bit already. I will know more in the am.)

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Anonymous said...

What kids? I keel them!! Off with their heads!! They are no more!! I am doing fine, just a BIG adjustment from having you as an only to having 3 and adjusting my "mothering" skills. Everbody sleeps good that helps a bunch. Just by Sat I will by a "Dead Terrorist!" hahahahahaha Nana