Monday, February 11

Vomit, Vomit, Everywhere

Well, I've been a little um... busy the last few days... Mostly cleaning up vomit lol. On Sunday morning at about 3am Trey threw up all over our bed. We got up and changed the sheets and put down this waterproof blanket we have. He threw up again a few hours later, and a few more times during the day. Then yesterday afternoon Ally started saying she had a migraine and she was looking a little green around the gills. She never got sick, but she looked like death warmed over and slept for nearly two days straight. Neither Ally nor Trey has eaten in two days. Trey just finally started drinking (and keeping down) some Gatorade. Then Sydney started feeling a little yucky after dinner and a few hours later she ran to the bathroom just in the nick of time. She was feeling better after a bath and went upstairs to grab some towels out of the dryer for me and poor thing threw up all over the dryer. But she was so sweet and thoughtful because she just cleaned it all up and put all the dirty items in the wash and just went ahead and washed them. She's so big lol...

Charles and I are just waiting for it to hit us. We can't wait. ><

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