Wednesday, February 13

Flu Update

On Tuesday at about 7am I woke up throwing up and feeling terrible. Syd was feeling better but laid in bed with me all day. Then this morning at about 3am Ally came into our room saying that she couldn't sleep in her bed because it had vomit all over it. She threw up about every half hour for about 3hrs, then finally went to sleep. We kept Sydney home from school again today to help Charles and I out as well as to give another day for her to no longer be contagious.

And then...

Trey started acting strangely about noon today, crawling back in bed with me and just being listless and limp. Now its 6pm and we finally got him to eat one tylenol but his temp is 102. He's miserable. I don't know what to do now because he was the first one to get sick and now he's sick again. I hope this isn't an indicator that we are all going to be sick again. :-(


dawn224 said...

oooooohhhhh this SUCKS! I hope it gets better ... right... now!

(I can NOT tell you how much I LOVE that you have a Depeche Mode lyric in your header..)

Keppy said...

LOL!! Those lyrics are my life motto hehehe