Thursday, February 21

Movies and Illness Update

We haven't watched many movies lately, but I guess there are a few.

Right now we are watching Saw IV - hopefully it won't disappoint.

Good Luck Chuck: Cute, but somewhat overly "goofy" in parts.

Stazione Termini (Indiscretion of an American Wife): 1952 B&W film about a woman who is leaving her Italian lover and going back to her husband and daughter. It was pretty boring by today's standards lol.

Gone With the Wind: Classic, of course!!

There are a few movies on the DVR ready to watch but getting the time when we can sit down and actually pay attention to a movie uninterrupted is difficult lately.

Everyone is pretty much back to normal. Our house still sounds like some TB clinic with all the coughing, but its getting better. Seems as though my sinus infection wants to settle in my ear, so I'm dealing with a stupid ear infection. I'm crossing my pinky toes that it gets better soon so that I don't have to go to the doctor for it. I've been having crazy headaches and dizziness for several days now, and I will be VERY glad when that quits. BUT - good news, we've been vomit free for DAYS now lol!!! That's always a plus.

We also have snow/freezing rain/sleet/grossness headed our way for the next two days, but I'm not holding my breath that we'll get much of anything. Weather seems to usually pass over our subdivision for some reason. But we'll see. Its keeping Dorothy from coming up though, so it sucks already.


Anonymous said...

All is not lost Toto, Spring is coming!!! And March 22-May 3 The Wizard will be on over-haul. Poor Wizard!!! But better weather and I can surely get up there during all that time, he will probably be on 10 hr days also so I will not be so rushed. So go toward to light Toto!!hehehehe

Keppy said...

LOL Yay spring!!