Friday, February 22

Another Reason to Hate the Snow

Man oh man... the kids were supposed to go to my aunt's house tonight and stay the night then go the the Children's Museum tomorrow, but the weather might be putting the kibosh on those plans. *cry*

My uncle said that the roads are pretty bad over by their house and he'd rather we meet them in the morning when more time has been spent on clearing the roads. I don't know the final answer yet - I told her we were disappointed because we had been looking forward to our date night and she said she was gonna talk to my uncle again and then call me back. LOL We'll see...

UPDATE: Well, he said he didn't want her out, so we are meeting them at 9:30am tomorrow. Charles said we could go out, but now he's being a butthole and said he doesn't want to go anywhere... *sigh*


dawn224 said...

I hate snow. UGH!

Keppy said...

I don't mind the snow, really, I just hate when it interferes with my plans!! :)