Monday, January 28

Waited FOUR YEARS for this!!!!!!!!!

"I Love You" as recorded on 1/27/2008

Trey started saying "I Love You" this week, and its been so precious!!! We had to call Dorothy for him to tell her and she cried. :-)

Here is a 2nd one - Trey saying his name, "Trey Boone". (He's said this for a month or two, I just hadn't gotten a recording.)


Anonymous said...

My Grandbabies are the World's greatest, just ask me and I'll tell you. Right Toto? Not perfect, but the greatest!!!! But let me tell you something about Trey---he called his Nana on friday and just melted me into my chair. When he said "I love you, Nana!", nothing in the WORLD matches it. My two girls are really up there in the field of doing things for their Nana, and they call me and say some pretty fantastic things to me on the phone but when you wanting this little fella to say something back to you for so long---mmmmm, well there are just no real words to explain it are there Toto? It just one of those "once in a lifetime" moments you wait for.

Keppy said...

Once in a lifetime indeed!!!