Tuesday, January 29

Another Documentary

Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion Interesting. It left me a little pissed off, though... Those signs on the street were highly inappropriate and grossly ineffective. Not to mention how mad I would be if I were driving down that road with my kids and happened to drive by them - no children need to see this sort of thing. I remember in 8th grade home-ec they showed an anti-abortion film and one girl threw up. I remember thinking how inappropriate it was for the school to be showing this film to us - especially without our parents knowledge... I could go on and on about my opinions here, but I'm not really in the mood lol. I'm pro-choice, but I don't support the dissemination of images of mutilated babies to the general population.

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Amy said...

Wait a minute...you actually think abortion leads to "mutilated babies," but you still support women being able to cause this "mutilation" for any and every reason?

One of your two ideas has to go, here.