Wednesday, October 24

New Dog?????

Well, we've been thinking for a long time about getting a smaller dog for the kids to enjoy. They LOVE Athena, but she's just a bit too much for them. Also, an opportunity came up this weekend that might give Athena a new home with lots of other dogs to play with in the country - which she would love. (Also, the kids would still be able to see her sometimes...)

UPDATE: YAY!!! Athena's potential new home has panned out! He is excited to get her and can't wait! He wants her to be an inside dog, too, so that's awesome since that's what she's used to.

So.............. I've been searching online for a smaller dog and we put in an application to adopt this sweet little thing:

She's a Sheltie and weighs about 23 pounds. Best part: she's already HOUSEBROKEN and walks great on a leash. She's 3.5 years old, and great with kids.

Hopefully the application process doesn't take too long, because we broke the news to the kids tonight about the possible plans and it wasn't really very pretty. But - once they found out we weren't trying to tell them we weren't going to HAVE a dog, they were much happier. Also, knowing Athena could be going to this certain person's house helped alot, too. We'll see!!!

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