Sunday, October 7

Books (and more)

I bought myself two birthday presents this weekend!! :)

Two of the books on my want list... Into the Wild and Better Off. I stayed up half the night reading Into the Wild - its SOOO interesting! I can't wait to start the other, either.

UPDATE: I started reading Better Off and it is so interesting already - and I'm only on page 23!! LOL

Dorothy and the Wizard came up to help us fix our water heater and it wasn't pretty lol. They did some whammy jammy mojo on it and got it working as a temporary fix until we can decide what to do next. LOL!! Fortunately, the Wizard is quite the handyman! :-)
And Dorothy has SHINGLES!!! YIKES! But she still managed to help me finish supper and clean my stove and part of my countertops... She's the BOMB! Wish I was more of the domestic type like she is hehe! But I'm TRYING to get there... maybe one day I will grow up into a woman afterall... idk, its a hard road to get there lemme tell ya.

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