Monday, October 8


Hmmmm.... So there are benefits to insomnia...

I'm sitting here watching Cold Case on TV and this video on YouTube and suddenly I hear what sounds like a tiny explosion and then a RUSH of water...... yeah... the aforementioned whammy jammy mojo came undone and sprayed a few gallons of water on the floor of my furnace room, kitchen, and hallway - soaking half the carpet in the hallway lol. Soaking seven towels... Soaking ME as I ran in to turn the nozzle off of the main water supply to the water heater. So now - we have no water... Wonderful.

I was yelling for Charles that we were having an emergency and that water was soaking our downstairs and he didn't even WAKE UP! lol (I only wish I slept that soundly...) I told him that I felt safe in knowing that if I were getting assaulted in the living room, he'd come running to my assistance when I screamed for my life... **sigh**

So I guess he is staying home from work tomorrow and we are calling a plumber. Also Wonderful. Just frikkin' Wonderful. More money out the window... will this never end??!?!?!?!?!?!? So if I send ya'll a post card from Canada, you'll know I'm on the lamb from my life ^^ (just kidding, of course.)

UPDATE::::: Yeah, so while I was writing this entry it exploded again... Charles got up and turned the main drain on for a while to get more water out quickly and it is under control now, but of course I'm even more awake than I was before, and he is too - its just ---- wait for it ---- WONDERFUL!

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