Friday, September 14

Kids Update

Last night I took some cute video of Sydney and Brionna doing their own renditions of Bleach and Naruto. They were so funny! I have to upload the videos and I might try to put them on YouTube so you can see them hehe...

Ally seems to really have a love/hate relationship with school. She didn't cry this morning and actually ran to the bus, so that was cool. Some nights though she tells me she never wants to go to school again. *sigh* It takes her so long to get used to things.

Trey is doing fine, he's starting to try to mimic a few more sounds. He doesn't have any new real WORDS, but he tries to say "tree" and "slide", so that's an improvement. The paperwork has been sent off for the preschool and we are just waiting to hear back from them about the evaluation process, etc... Hopefully it doesn't take too long because I really do think it will help him to be around other little kids and work w/ a therapist in a school setting on a regular basis.

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