Sunday, August 19

School Update

So far so good still with everyone and school. Ally is enjoying her school, getting up in a good mood, and doing well. She's grown up so much already and its only been 4 days of class! That might sound impossible, but I'm telling you its true!! LOL

Sydney is doing well too - we've had a few snaffoos with homework already but we got over it. Getting up isn't easy for Syd, and so it takes some extra pushes to get going but by the time the bus comes the "I hate you"s are usually over...

Life for mom is really rough this week. We're having some very serious financial issues. We got so far behind w/ the car this summer that I am not sure we will ever come back out of this hole. But I'm sure it will all work out somehow - it always does.

Its thundering here and that makes me very happy. I love storms, so I'm a happy camper tonight. ^^

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