Friday, July 13

Home Sweet Home - VERY pic heavy

We made it back at about 3:30 this morning. Can you say TIRED?!?!

It was so much fun this week, though! Our adventure turned out quite nicely - even if there were many hangups with the car along the way...

The pictures of the car above are obviously taken at night in a garage so they aren't the best, but they give you the general idea. The funnest part of the car is "Ruby" our navigation system. (LOL We named her Ruby because we had to come up with something good since the Wizard and Dorothy call theirs Mildred... Well, Ruby just seemed appopriate. hehe)

These are pictures of us all up at Moose River. This was SOOOOO fun!!! I mentioned earlier that I actually SWAM in DARK WATER!!! That's AMAZING for me lol. I haven't swam in water I couldn't see in since I was little and got bit by a snapping turtle - ouch!!! I only had a mild panic attack when I got out there and thought about the possibility of snakes near my feet hiding in all the hidden rocks... But I got over it. Watching Trey move quickly over those rocks with agility was crazy to watch!

These were taken in Shirley's museum home. :-) [Can you say PANIC?!?!]

Can't leave "Ork" (Karin) out - her house is a museum too hehe...

Karin's hot little BMW:

Steve's "Little Red Corvette":

And these were from our last night there.

And here are a few pics from the pool - where we spent nearly the entire time (and I'm actually IN this picture!!! well, my face is hahaha):


Anonymous said...

Well, the pix are just wonderful. Ally has turned out to be quite the little "Blondie" hasn't she!! They all look sooo brown and beautiful. Glad you're home Moom

Crystal said...

That is so funny, my old cars name was Ruby too!

Anonymous said...

I don't think "Ork" knew that
picture was being shot standing
by "Little Z".

Could this little note be from
the "Ork?"

Keppy said...

HAHAHA! Oh Karin... I said pose by your car :-) I'm a tricky one.