Saturday, June 16


Ok, so all of my kids have been immunized, albeit we delayed all vax on Trey, and most on Ally - but that's another story... They HAVE all received the chicken pox vaccine. BUT! I really think Ally (and possibly Trey) have chicken pox! They don't have very many spots (Trey only has 2), but they are red with a whitish center that looks blistery. So far they are all dry - but who knows what will happen when/if they bust. Ally has them on her neck and chest, and on one hip, under her arm, and even one in her belly button. Trey's are on his back and under his arm. If I get a chance I will take a pic.

And I think I somehow have poison ivy on my foot... This makes no sense since I haven't been anywhere to GET it, but who knows. It's so crazy around our house this weekend I can't even begin to tell you.

I don't mind if they have chicken pox, especially if its as mild as it seems to be. Ally has a different sense of feeling than most people and her spots don't bother her a bit. Trey has complained a few times of the spot on his back itching, but nothing serious. We'll see I guess, huh?


Marigold said...

Hope they don't have chicken pox. Good thing that school's not in session...any chance that it could be poison ivy on the kids too?

Keppy said...

Nah, I don't think its poison ivy on me either because I literally haven't been anywhere to get it... its going away now, too. Its only one dot here and there on them and they are blistery like chicken pox but they haven't popped yet... Its very weird. Yeah, I'm glad school's not in. I just find it so hard to believe they'd get it after they've been vaxed - for years even... you know? I just am keeping them home and not letting them play with the neighborhood kids.