Tuesday, June 19

Spots and Critters

Well I don't think the spots were/are chicken pox. The bumps on pox usually rupture within 12 hrs or so and these never really did. So I don't really know what they were/are. Charles thinks they're chiggers, but they don't really look like any chiggers I've ever had. (Although he swears they look like all chiggers he's ever had...lol). I know have 2 spots and Sydney has a handful, too. Hopefully these will all just clear up really quickly.

Now, the next thing is..... my dog has fleas. I know what you are thinking and you are wrong lol! You think that our spots are flea bites! But they aren't. The spots that Ally and Trey have started out as blistery things, not spots like a bug bite. I honestly can't believe that we haven't been eaten alive by fleas because normally if there is a flea in the room, it will surely bite Charles and I both. One time when we lived in Sullivan, we had just moved into a house that was already infested. Wow! That was not fun. You would literally see them bouncing around when you looked at the carpet. We had to set off bombs about 4x before we killed all those suckers - and we looked like we had leprosy or something. Before we finally got rid of them we had to sit with long pants tucked into tall socks, and keep our feet off the floor. That was NOT a fun first few weeks of living somewhere, lemme tell ya!


Marigold said...

Glad it wasn't the chickenpox!
My husband is really sensitive to flea bites, and his look like that :( and he itches and scratches, and complains...men! just big kids.

Keppy said...

Charles and I both are very sensitive to fleas - the bumps the kids had just don't look like bites - they are something different. Anyway - I'm keeping them indoors during the day because since they aren't itchy I don't want them getting sweaty and start really itching, kwim?