Wednesday, June 27

This has to stop, seriously

I am so over this. Seriously over it! You guys have no idea...

Our car broke down again and nobody has a car that we can use while we get the other one fixed... Actually, we don't even have the money to get the Audi fixed, so we are in a pickle. So we have been researching buying a new car - um yeah, the frikkin' bank said no. Yeah - we've never been late on our car payments ever. *sigh* I swear I am so pissed off right now you have no idea. We finally got ahold of my MIL and she was gonna come up to lend us her car and guess what???? She had car trouble on the way up to our house and had to turn around and go back home.

Which means - we have to rent a car AGAIN... Yeah - we've spent at least $500 this month on towing, renting, and NOT fixing cars. Its been so frustrating that I don't even know how to tell you all. We have to worst car karma EVER! (Not to mention our mortgage company royally screwed us this month because they had withheld some money and in the mean time also royally screwed us on the credit report side, too... sigh - I swear the universe hates us, honestly... So we have no money, no car, and no happiness atm hahahah! jk - well, if you can't laugh, then you cry, and that doesn't prove anything, right??)

Charles is on the phone with his uncle right now about purchasing a new vehicle through him, and I told him to cry lol or tell him that I would cry if need be... lol Hopefully he can strike some deal about paying for it later - idk, I'm seriously at a loss right now on what to do. Anyone have a car they don't want anymore????? LOL

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