Friday, June 1

"The Penny in the Well" by Sydney Boone

1. a princess drops a penny in a well.
2. She wishes she could have a ring.
3. it comes true.
4. in sted she becomes a queen.
5. she meets a green skeleton
6. she dances with him.
7. she said "I wish i would be a princess agian."
8. She becomes a princess agian and she cheers happyly.
9. She calls her friend dragon.
10. She goes in the woods to find him.
11. She stays there.
12. She finds him hurt.
13. she takes him home
14. With her.
15. She raps him in gauze.
16. she finds a prince.
17. she says "do you want to get
18. married?" and they did.

("Script" as written by Sydney, for a play presented by her and Trey, this afternoon.)

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