Sunday, April 22

Soccer Status 1 and 1

Well, they won yesterday, but lost today. Sydney had lots of people cheering for her today, though! My two Aunts Sandy and Marty came to her game along with Marty's kids, Miranda and Jackson (mentioned on the blog earlier as the Easter Egg Hunt King lol.) Syd didn't get any goals this time, but she did have a noticeably better game today. She was less afraid of the ball and the other players. She did great.

Afterwards we went to Ritter's Frozen Custard and I had something new - "Lemon Drop" Italian Ice and it was tasty. They also have a "Cherry Bomb" but it's SOOOOOO cherry it makes me wanna gag lol... I always like Ritter's - mmm mmm good!

On the sewing front, I have 3 bags completed and 3 more ready to sew together. These are SO cheap to make! As I'm making them currently, 1yd will make 2 bags. That might change as I change the design a little, correcting things I don't like and improving the design, etc. I'll try to get pics up tomorrow of the bags and also of Syd's game yesterday.


Crystal said...

The bags look cute! You should check out the handbag section on they have a lot of different tutorials on there.

We tried to go to Ritter's yesterday too, but Dh said it was too crowded so we went to McDonald's. 8(

Keppy said...

The first bag wasn't too cute, but the newer ones are looking much cuter as I go along. So maybe by bag #20 I'll really really love what I've made hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Toto is doing great, but I knew she would. She had a Great teacher, heheh