Wednesday, March 28

Time to DYE

Cute purplish/burgandy haircolor is sitting on my head as I type! I can't wait to see how it turns out... This is very strange, but usually Charles dyes my hair - he likes to do it, and it helps me get better coverage, but I decided to go it alone this time. He loved the color, so hopefully it looks as cool as we hope!

LOL Yup, I'm a compulsive hair dyer... LOL My hair has been red (not fire engine, but like a red-head), bleach blonde, blonde with pink streaks, black, and auburn. One day I'm going to dye it black with purple streaks, but this will due for now. :-)

UPDATE: *sigh* Less than thrilled. It doesn't look bad, but it's not what I'd hoped for. It didn't taken on my black hair at all, only on the 6in or so that had grown out. Like I said it doesn't look wacky or anything, but I'd hoped too high. I think I will buy another box and and try again next week.

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