Saturday, March 31


My beautiful kitchen and pantry... (That's not the whole pantry, there is a whole other 3-4ft of wall around the corner, but it's too crowded to take a pic of it.) Oh, and notice the clean glasses on top of the cabinets, yes, that was fun getting those down lol. And and and - last but not least - there is BREAD in the oven... YUM!!!

These were taking today at Cracker Barrel during an intense game of hangman. :-)

And last but not least, a picture I have hanging in one of my cabinets. My grandpa is the one with the sword. :-) This was taken in Korea I believe. LOL I wonder if he picked out the floral curtains that are hanging in the doorway HAHA!!


Marigold said...

Your kitchen is lovely! and the countertop is alot more clutter-free than mine :)

Keppy said...

I have to have NOTHING on the countertops or the stuff grows and grows lol... I keep my crock of utensils and the cat's bowl and that's about it. There are two spaces that are "allowed" to be temporary holding places, but items can't stay there long.

Anonymous said...

Toto, my favorite pix here is the one of Aly at Crackerbarrell with the "cigarette" hanging out of her mouth and the ner "beer" bottle in front of her. It looks like she is in a hot poker match. I crack up when I look at it. I have to have one of these for her scrapbook.