Monday, March 5

Knitting Circle

Much fun was again had by all the wonderful ladies who attended our bi-weekly Panera bread take over knit-in. We are growing by leaps and bounds and its so fun meeting new people. I even got to meet Marigold irl - woohoo! (Her Rogue is VERY pretty, btw...)

I am still working on my dad's hat. Its almost done, but probably won't be able to be sent home with my mom tomorrow.

On a side note, I hate Indianapolis sometimes. There is a city ordinance that a vehicle cannot remain in the same spot unmoved ANYWHERE in the city for 72hrs. This means EVEN IN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY if someone complains about it. Yup. You could go on vacation and come back to a towed vehicle... Believe me, I talked to IPD themselves about this. The Jag was "tagged" on the 3rd (which means someone complained about it and IPD put a pretty orange sticker on it saying it has been made an "unclaimed vehicle".) Well, this is just dandy, indeed! So Charles and I went out there at 11pm and pushed the SOB up about 15ft and I put sticky-notes in all the windows that the vehicle had been moved. The lady at IPD said all we had to do was MOVE it within 72hrs of the notice, even if that just meant pushing it up the street a bit. So, hopefully they won't tow it. We are less than happy about this whole ordeal anyway - it was either the Homeowner's Association or our mailman, who was a real jerk to me the other day about our car in the middle of the snowstorm. *sigh* It never stops, does it???

I got SOOOOOO much done today - I cleaned and mopped the foryer and 1/2 the dining room. I got much cleaning done in the kitchen, and the living room is in decent shape as well. Charles almost fell over when he got home. AND AND AND I have fixed dinner for the 3 nights in a row we've been home (with the exception of one night in the middle of those three days which we were in Sullivan). This doesn't SOUND like much to most of you, but trust me, that's big. I just haven't cooked many suppers in a row for a LONG LONG LONG time. I missed it, too. I've had fun getting everything ready for when Charles gets home from work. It certainly might not seem like it, but in many ways I'm old-fashioned at heart lol.


Marigold said...

I know how hard it is to _keep doing_ the house-wifery things. Congratulations! You're doing great!

Keppy said...

Thank you, sweets!! :-)