Tuesday, March 27

The joys of a nap!

Last night I only slept about 45min total. I just couldn't go to sleep. So this afternoon I told Charles I needed to go lie down and take a nap. The girls wanted to go outside, so I asked Trey if he wanted to go watch cartoons in my room while I took a nap. Surprisingly, he did. He held my hand while I tried to go to sleep and even though he kept poking me to see what was on TV, after about 20min I looked over and he was asleep. Hehehe, tricky tricky Mommy!! We both slept for about an hour and a half when the girls came in COVERED from head to toe with mud. I told them to get immediately into the tub, where Sydney proceeded to get shampoo in Ally's eyes and they both emptied Charles' bodywash. *sigh* And the WORST part is, the dog is still outside dirty as a hog... *SIGH* Calgon take me away!!!!! LOL

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