Monday, March 12

I still knit, it's true!

I actually had time to sit down and KNIT today!!! Can you believe that?????? I did all that cleaning and still had time to knit on my dad's hat. I even cleaned UNDER MY KITCHEN SINK! (I think I need to take my temp...)

My mom told me today that one of my aunts looked at my site and said my house looked so pretty! Wow, that's so nice!! She's the only one of my dad's siblings who hasn't been to my house, actually. The others have been here once each, I think. Maybe one day I'll invite everyone up here, I don't know.

Man, it's been so weird around here lately, Ally was gone for 5 days visiting Nana and Papaw, and going to the dentist. (She has many cavities and will need to go back every two weeks for a while to get them all filled. We've been down this road before with Syd, she had 6 caps and 2 cavities when she was 13 months old. That was not fun.) Anyway, we met my parents yesterday to get Ally and send Trey lol. We already miss him. We had a horrible incident with Trey-Trey on Friday evening, which I'm not really comfortable discussing on here, but it was very scary, and makes us miss him even more. Then in a few weeks is Spring Break and they will all be gone again throughout the week giving us some more free time together. Its funny because we went months and months where we really REALLY needed some alone time, then now that things are better around here everyone is taking the kids... lol oh well, who are we to complain!!!!! :-)

And on a totally different subject, this is SOOOO funny!! Dooce always cracks me up!


CINDY said...

You should invite us all up for a visit ( I know how you love our get-togethers!!) and since I am the aunt that has never been to your house, I will be there!!! I got to have lunch with Ally and Trey the last couple of days. What fun.. and I am so impressed with your organization and cleaning!!!

Keppy said...

Hehehe! I'm trying really hard to be organized!! :-)