Friday, March 23

Fighting like Cats and Dogs!

Our animals love to play with each other. The problem is they hate each other lol. I tell you, I have a whole new understanding of the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs". My silly cat will hide INSIDE the box-springs of my bed and growl at the dog and I can just tell she's laughing in there - "haha, stupid dog, you can't reach me!". Then sometimes the dog catches her off guard and she gets flat as a pancake and chases the dog around the room. Now, remember my dog is a Rotty and when she starts barking at the dumb cat, you'd think she was fending off an intruder! LOL Sometimes they do this in the middle of the night just to terrorize us, I think...

Anyway, I haven't knit anything lately and I've not really been able to crochet, either. Too busy with everyday nonsense lol. Good news though, each day my house is getting better and better. Its very slowly so I don't get burnt out, but I am managing to keep everything I've already cleaned, clean and it's been almost a month. I am quite proud of myself. My mom is coming up next week (I think) to help me do all the work herself cleaning out my pantry. I'm terrified of mice, and there is at least one but probably a whole family living in there - we hear it at night clicking around in there. Honestly, I haven't even OPENED the pantry in months just because of that stupid mouse. Its all locked away from sight and mind lol.


Anonymous said...

Dodotado!(put music with that) Dorothy to the rescue!

I have been known to catch mice with my bare hands!! (Now that will gross out a few people I'm sure!!!)

We will have that pantry sparkling in a snap, in a flash, uh, in a---well we will clean it anyway!

Keppy said...

I think I just threw up a little... and um... disowned you lol