Monday, February 12

There's a blizzard coming my way!!!

Poor Sydney, she's had a really rough weekend. On Thursday I had to pick her up from school because she was throwing up and she was sick 2x otw home, then 2x more that night. Friday she had a 102ish fever most of the day (Ibuprofen did help take it down). Then all weekend she was doing fine. Last night she spiked a 103 temp again so I kept her home again today. I was talking to her teacher via email and she was going to leave me her homework in the office to pick up if she was still sick tomorrow, but said she thought there would be a snow day tomorrow. I was like whaaaa? So I looked up on our local news and this is what I found!!! LOL

Are you KIDDING me!?!?!

UPDATE: Now they have added a few inches up north and moved the line down meaning likely more snow here, too...

UPDATE 2: Changed again... now we are in the 6-12" range - oh yay...

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