Monday, February 12

Especially for my friends Crystal and Laura!

SHUN THE NONBELIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else getting like covered in splinters????

(YOUTUBE videos had to be removed, they were slowing down my site, I'm sorry)

I promise, no more retarded YouTube videos for a while...


Crystal said...

Chaaaaaarliiiiiiie, Chaaaaaaaaarrrliiiiieeeeeee.

hee hee

I just saw your knit with phyllis link, I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Office. I think it is my fav show, second to Gilmore Girls.

Keppy said...

I also love The Office!

Anonymous said...

Well, this wasn't quite as good as "Peanut Butter" by no means!!! But it was a cute thing, very nerve grating with all the "Chaaarliiieeees" but then again, that was the POINT! Right?
Toto is herself sometimes a weird duck!! Moom

Keppy said...

Meh, you people just don't know funny... lol

The kids have watched this like 34235236 times today.

Knit Witch said...

Hahahaha!!! Geeez.........some people REALLY need more to do!!!