Wednesday, February 14

More sickness

Sydney had been sick the end of last week, and Ally has had the sniffles for days, but the house had been relatively "sick free" for two days and I was hoping that nobody else was going to get it... I should have known better, huh? We went out to eat at "Cracker Beller" for supper and Trey didn't want to eat. Now, he never eats much, but he never totally avoids his food. Especially since it was about 4:30 and he hadn't had lunch, so normally he would have been famished. But he didn't touch anything. He was shaking and couldn't get warm, then finally fell asleep in my arms while I finished eating. So we brought him home and he was running a fever so I went to get him some Tylenol. When I got home he was sleeping so I didn't wake him to give him the medicine. So when he woke up he was VERY hot. After giving him some tylenol (actually Ibuprofen) I took his temp and he's running a temp of 102.3. Poor little guy. The tylenol helped already though, and he's at least sitting up and eating some trail mix/granola.

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