Monday, February 19

Knitting Meeting #3

We had a big turn out tonight at our bi-weekly knit-in. We have went from a total of 3 ppl the first night I went to 11 ppl tonight. We are getting almost too big for Panera Bread lol. A good time was had by all again tonight I think. It was fun seeing everyone's project and watching a certain three ppl learn to knit for the very first time!! I tried to get everyone to agree to a picture, but they all said no haha.

I was going to work on the bedspread lace pattern, but I quickly realized that I would not be able to concentrate enough, so I made a dishcloth. :-) We are getting quite a collection of dishcloths! Charles asked me to make us a bunch, and so I have been having fun making them. This particular "Idiot's Dishcloth" is super quick to knit so I might just make a bunch more of them.