Tuesday, August 18

Day #7

Its been really hectic around here and I haven't been able to post much except pictures... Sorry about that. Well, after only 7 days of school, I can honestly say that I can tell an improvement in Trey's speech. Not a HUGE change, but there are improvements. He also sang me an ENTIRE song tonight. It was precious. So, of course, I had to have him call Dorothy and sing it to her and The Wizard. They loved it, too.

I have an infected toe. I don't know what has gone wrong with it. Its not an ingrown toenail, the bottom 1/4 of my right big toe just came off the other day and now its sooooo infected and hurts like a ... well, it hurts alot! :) I took a picture of it, but I seriously doubt that you are very interested in seeing it. I did call the Dr. and got a round of antibiotics. He said to not let it go much longer and if it isn't better in LESS than a week then I am to be seen by someone. I'm supposed to soak it in Epsom's salt, but I don't think I have any and I forgot to buy some. Drat... lol. Must put that on the "honey-do list" hahahahaha!!!

Enjoy the pictures :)

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