Wednesday, July 29

General Ramblings

Well, let's see... the last few days have been crazy with a puppy in the house! She's a great puppy, and is doing SO WELL about the potty training. We are working on her diet, and she is on Canidae. Its working out great for her. When we first got her they recommended Puppy Chow for Large Breeds, and I couldn't find the large breed right away, and the regular did NOT work out at all - she had horrible diarrhea and was sleeping constantly. I did TONS of research and the protein content in any puppy food is WAY too high for a Great Dane, so after much research I decided on Canidae. I've started supplementing with Fish Oil and today started with a tablespoon or so of yogurt and chopped up carrots mixed in her food (and Meg's) and they LOVED IT!!! They were both soooo excited to eat lol!!

I've been having migraines alot, which sucks.

The Zoloft seems to be working, but I am going to have to have her increase the dosage because although I feel a little better, its just not really "enough" yet...

Oh yeah and we changed the dog's name ROFL!! Her name is no longer Cleopatra - it's Tiamat. We call her Tia. We were all just stumbling all over "Cleo" for some reason lol. Tia just flows off the tongue so much easier!

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