Thursday, July 2

Fast Food Ads...

Well, they say "sex sells" ... and I guess that the Fast Food Companies must agree haha. Check these two ads out.
Burger King Super Seven Incher
Hardee's Biscuit Holes

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Anonymous said...

Yea, I've heard these commercials and they make me a little queezy actually! I think the ad people are just pushing the line as far as they can to see how many people will squeal. As you know, I have been known to call the TV stations and complain about the commercials and ask that if they will not remove them completely at least remove them while the children are watching. It worked when you were little!! But I don't know how much it would work now, but there is one one now here about a new computer store that says "God you are the store.... You have all of that freakin'... I don't appreciate them using God's name in vain and I also don't like them using the word freakin' to me it's a little to close to the word it stands in place of. But then again that's just me you know!!