Tuesday, June 23

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Ok, so my hometown had a murder this week. Very sad, indeed. A 34yo woman was strangled in her mobile home and there was a small fire involved, etc. The details are still coming into the various news places, so the public really doesn't know what happened, yet. Perhaps we never will get the entire story. I didn't know her, but that doesn't matter, the story is shocking and awful. Things like this should never happen. She had two kids- one 2yo with the man that killed her and a 15yo son. How terrible for them, you know? The poor things. With all that being said, I ran across this in the comments section of the story at indystar.com.
I cannot believe we have yet another tragic incident.
When are we going to get serious about rope control laws? Maybe if this guy couldn’t have gotten rope then this event would have never happened.
As it is now, almost anyone can walk into a store and purchase rope.
We need background checks and waiting periods for rope purchases.
We need to close down the “rope show loophole” to ensure that people cannot make illegal rope purchases.
Before people are allowed to purchase rope, they should be required to take training courses in how to use rope and demonstrate they know how to use a rope.
All rope should be registered with authorities. I understand some people literally have yards of this implement of death in their garages.
Perhaps rope should be banned altogether.
Only law enforcement and military personnel should have rope. Our society should be civilized enough not to need rope.
I am not trying to poke fun at anyone, as I'm sure that this person more than likely has a horrible story of trauma in their life involving rope, but rope control laws, seriously? First of all, it never states anywhere that she was strangled with rope. In fact, until I read this comment I never even thought of the possibility of her being strangled with rope, I guess I had assumed the man used his hands. Secondly, would a law like this really solve anything except make things unnecessarily complicated? I mean a background check to buy rope??? I mean, come on. I knew a young man who committed suicide with antifreeze, and people have gallons of this setting in their garages too, should we do a background check to buy antifreeze, too? Because it could be used to kill someone? And what about all the other things people have in their garages that kill people - like um... cars??? **sigh** I can see where this person is coming from, but I think maybe it might be a little exaggerated.

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Anonymous said...

I think Dr Kohr has already said that there were signs of "hand" strangulation, not "rope" from his initial examination.
I am with you this person must have had a bad background memory from rope!!!!!!! Or she is just a freak!!!