Monday, June 8

Hello out there!

Well, rather than sit down and try to write an entry for the last month's events, I'll just start afresh. Most of you who read this blog know what all has been going on with my mom, mother in law, and anything else that's happened anyway, and if you read this and DON'T know but WANT to - you can always send me an email and I'll fill you in. (f a k e p p y @ c o m c a s t . n e t)

Ok, so now bringing myself to the current date lol. Yesterday I made an unexpected trip to Sullivan to take the girls down to visit w/ family, and took some cute pics. I also visited 4 cemeteries and took some pictures of some family stones. Its been SOO quiet around here with just Trey and I during the day today... Peaceful Tranquility :) I miss them though - but not enough to have them come home just QUITE yet! hehehe

And GOOD NEWS: Friday my mom is scheduled to get the top 2/3 of her cast off and then be able to recover at home! YAY

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