Wednesday, May 6

Okay, finally an update (a BIG one)

So Charles was in Germany for 5 days last week, and Dorothy came to visit while he was gone. Charles took some pictures of his funny "king sized bed" at his hotel... The cover didn't fit the entire bed though lol... Apparently in Germany people who share beds don't really SHARE beds. :)

The first three pics are Ally's perspective at the Airport when Charles left. The last one Sydney took of her as we were leaving the Airport; she was so sad.

While Dorothy was here we ate at some pretty cool places we hadn't been to before. We went to Fujiyama and had some delicious Japanese Hibachi Grill yumminess. This was Sydney's choice of the week, Ally chose Mexican and Trey chose sushi. (By the way, the little ones were less than thrilled with the food from Fujiyama, but they did enjoy the Teppanyaki chef!

We went to a cool place called Papa Roux which is a VERY tiny hole in the wall Cajun place that looks like its about to be shut down from shabbiness lol... but they had pretty good food.

Also we went to a really cool little Sushi place in Greenwood - Ichiban. It was quite tasty!! And so CUTE inside!!

Oh, and on Saturday we decorated Easter Eggs. Yup, its two weeks late or so, who cares?!?!?! And if you look closely you will see the Jack o' Lantern candy basket in the background haha. Our house is a plethora of holidays. :)

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