Saturday, April 4

Weather and eczema

Man, I hate Indiana weather! This reminds me of March last year...

Trey's eczema is a little better, and I think I discovered what may have been the cause. Since we got the upstairs all cleaned up, the kids have been bathing up there every night before bed. Well, Trey's never in his life had baths every SINGLE night, and I remember that baths used to make Ally's eczema worse, too, so I suppose he will be getting spot washed rather than bathed every night. Now don't freak out, I am not saying I'm not going to keep him clean lol... Just not a bath every night. I called the pediatrician to see if she could call in the salve that she used to give us for Ally, but they don't make it at the pharmacy anymore, I have to make it myself. So I mixed up some today, and we'll see how it works. (Its just Eucerin and hydrocortisone cream).

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