Monday, April 13

Sinus Infection

I think that I'm getting (or already have) a sinus infection. I woke up with a HORRIBLE migraine and the right side of my face feels like I've been kicked by a horse. I stayed in bed until about 9:40 when the kids got up on their own. Yeah, they were late to school, but what was I to do, I was MISERABLE... Anyway, Charles stayed home today to take care of me, and that was nice. Most of the day I've spent on Iona's bed in our living room watching In Treatment, which started up two weeks ago. We watch it onDemand, which is cool because we can watch a week at once. :) I slept through about 3 episodes though, so I will have to catch up on those tomorrow... Oh well.

I took some meds around 8am but they didn't help, so I haven't bothered taking anymore today so far. I'm feeling a little better after taking a nap, but its just miserable. If it isn't better I'll go to the clinic, but the first day I'd be able to go is Friday, so let's hope it gets better on its own!!!!!

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