Tuesday, April 7

Busy Day

Today Charles went to Louisville for work, and I had the car, so Trey and I went to get his birth certificate so that he can get all signed up for Kindergarten tomorrow evening. **sniff sniff**

The morning started up a little crazy, because I had set the am/pm wrong on our clock/alarm hahaha. Gene was going to be here at 8am to pick up Charles and I just happened to wake up at 7:40am - and of course was like OH CRAP!!! But he got ready in time with 5 minutes to spare!! All the kids were up and dressed 10 minutes early, so maybe I should make a habit of oversleeping HAHAHAH!!!

And now its bedtime, and the kids are not wanting to go to sleep, so the evening is ending on a crazy hectic note too. Like I told Ash a minute ago - never a dull minute around here. :)

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