Tuesday, March 31

Spring Break - Day 2

Well, today was actually for the most part uneventful... with the exception of projectile vomit, of course. I was hoping to sleep in since Charles works from home on Tuesdays, but the children had other plans, obviously. The alarm was set for 8:30 and the two little ones were standing by my bed at 8:27 lol. So Charles got up with them, and I stayed in bed for about 30 min, but they were so loud I couldn't sleep haha so I got up. Then Trey and I went grocery shopping - which actually took LESS time and LESS money than usual, so that made me very happy. We then all just hung around the house for a little bit, and later this afternoon I went to take some movies back to Redbox and Ally wanted to go with me. She got dressed and we got in the car, I backed out of the driveway, and Ally quietly said, "My head hurts." I asked her if she had a migraine and she nodded and dropped her head down funny. I slowly pulled into the street and she yelled, "I don't wanna GO!!!" (This is majorly uncharacteristic of her, so I knew she was sick.) She went in and I told her to lay down and Syd went with me instead. Once we got back home, Ally was asleep, and Charles said she'd fell asleep when she walked in the door and laid down. She woke up and said she felt better. Then she went to play. About an hour later she came and sat down and asked me for a drink but she looked really funny. I started to hand her a drink and she literally threw up EVERYWHERE - it was like The Exorcist lol. So, while I gave her a bath, Charles scrubbed the floor, and I cleaned the bathroom. She seems fine now, but as she was eating dinner she said her headache was coming back, and wanted some Tylenol, so we'll see.

And now I have a migraine coming on, too... I think its the weather. Fortunately, though, Ally hasn't had one in a very long time. Hopefully she won't get another one anytime soon. I was glad that she was home and not in school when she got sick though, because that's so embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

I hate it that our little ally has to have these awful, awful things. Bad enough that we family grownup have to have them, but it shouldn't be the little ones!! Cause Nanna said that's why!!!!

Keppy said...

I know... she was fine the rest of the night, though, fortunately.