Monday, March 9

Cancer has entered the picture.

Unfortunately, on Friday morning, we got one of those calls you hope you never get. My mother in law has been sick for a while, and I guess I hadn't posted about it much on here, but long story short, she was diagnosed with a large Gastric Lymphoma. She is having a scan on Wednesday to determine if the cancer has spread, and determine other information about the tumor(s). We will get all the results on Friday morning. Afterwards, we are planning on getting a 2nd opinion for treatment at a Dr. here in Indianapolis, and moving forward with treatment. Her current Dr. has told her that she will need 3/4 of her stomach removed and chemotherapy, but like I said we are going to get a second opinion for treatment options before we jump into anything. I will keep everyone updated.

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NannyOgg said...

{{{ HUGS }}}

Sending lots of good energy her way,