Thursday, February 26

Greek Deliciousness!!!

Dorothy and I had Greek food for lunch today at Acropolis on Southport. It was the first time I'd been in there, and I must say, even though I've heard that Santorini is much better, I really enjoyed it. The saganaki was SOOO delicious! I had a gyro platter (which was yummy, but exactly what you'd expect from a gyro and really nothing spectacular, but yummy nonetheless), and Dorothy had cabbage rolls, which were unlike any cabbage rolls I'd ever had before. They were made with a lemon sauce which may SOUND gross, but it was actually really unique and pretty good. But the pita bread O M G it was the best I'd ever had. It was so thick and chewy, almost like naan. Yum yum delish. Enjoy a pic of the saganaki and the pita!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, everyone MUST go and have this Greek saganaki. The fresh pita bread is sooooo different that you buy in the store, and there is no words to explain just how wonderful your taste buds like a piece of this hot oozey cheese from a hot plate smeared on a piece of this bread. Belive me you must experience it for yourself. The oher food was all a wonderful experience but this bread and cheese was good enough to "woller in"!! Right,Toto!!

Keppy said...

Amen to that, Dorothy!