Sunday, February 22

Garden of the Gods...

Now, I'm wondering how it is that I have been to Southern Illinois about 400 times in my life as mom's family is all from the Harrisburg area, yet I have never heard of the "Garden of the Gods" until today?!?!?!! A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of him sitting on top of this crazy penis shaped rock, lol. So I did some searching online and imagine my surprise when all this ripe hiking area was so close to where I've been so many times in my life, and also where I want to return to so I can take some pics of family graves?!?!?!
We might have to add this to our Spring Break Illinois trip!!!


Anonymous said...

You are such a crazy girl!! Your daughter went there with us when we took her on that trip 2 years ago. I'll ask your Dad but I think we added that into our trip. I will send the pix to you if that was included.

Keppy said...

Well, I didn't show her the pics, she would be able to recognize it if she'd been probably.

I'm wondering why WE never went when I was little lol!! We were probably always too busy visiting when we were down there.