Wednesday, January 7

Cleaning and earaches

I cleaned some more today, and as its a neverending process, I gather I'll be doing it tomorrow too hahah!!
Tomorrow night is Sydney's school Christmas Program (it was canceled in December due to ice). So that should produce some fun pictures.
Its almost 7pm and Ash isn't home yet. I can't decide what to fix for supper, either. I put a roast in the crockpot this morning, but I only had potatoes and onions, I thought I had carrots, but didn't... Sooooooo I might have biscuits and gravy and add the carrots later, but that would involve "work" so we might just have carrot-less roast heheh.
Well, anyway, not much else going on around here... I didn't post last week about it because I forgot to, but last Tuesday we had to take Trey to ImmediateCare at 10:30pm because he was screaming with an earache. He NEVER complains about feeling bad, so we knew it was serious. It ended up being infected and they gave him some drops, and abx (which he didn't actually take all of, but that's a whole other story lol), and some Tylenol w/ codeine, which he never had to take fortunately. But ----- now *I* have an earache!! lol figures, huh???

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