Friday, December 19

Santa Came Early!

We couldn't stand it any longer, so we did our family Christmas tonight! :-)
Charles and I are like the worst when it comes to keeping secrets and gifts from the kids lol. We get more excited about giving them their presents than they get looking forward to getting them, I think. Sydney got an iPod Nano with some new music purchased from iTunes just for her (and 2 videos), a book she has been asking for, and a Jonas Brother's poster. Ally got an iPod Shuffle, a Barbie, a Barbie bedroom suit that I made her out of plastic canvas (which isn't complete yet but I'm getting there). The girls also got some birthday gifts earlier this week - they each got a skirt, shoes, and tights. Trey hasn't gotten all of his yet, but so far he got the new Batman movie, and a semi that he couldn't live without lol. He's going to get a big set of Legos tomorrow. We took them out to dinner and went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still tonight, which was fun as well. Also, we got them their very own DVR for the TV in our room. They were so excited about the gifts! They were squealing when they opened their iPods, and were even happier to know that each iPod had songs selected especially for them...

Trey is still wearing his coat because he and I had just stepped in the door and he couldn't be bothered to take it off. Ally is in jammies because she had an awesome day at school where they went to see Polar Express at the IMAX and were allowed to wear PJs to keep in theme with the movie. :-)

Don't mind the fingerprints and everything on the wall lol. It doesn't look quite so yucky in person - note to self, wash walls..... And we don't do wrapping paper, so it looks like we are can't afford to wrap the kids' gifts or something, when in reality we choose not to for environmental reasons. (And also because we never have the gifts in the house long enough to wrap even if we WANTED to hahahaha)

UPDATE: It seems I forgot to mention the printer, but I had already discussed it in a previous post so I didn't think about it. :-)

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Anonymous said...

This is great. Getting to watch them open their gifts was wonderful. But Mom you forgot to mention the new printer for the computer. Nanna