Wednesday, December 31

As promised... Baby Sydney

Yeah, yeah, obviously these pictures are taken from a scrapbook... and if you know me at ALL you know that it certainly isn't a scrapbook of mine hahahaha!! (Nothing against you scrapbookers, I love LOOKING at them, I just prefer to work with digital images instead of literally cutting and pasting hahahaha)

A few details to note:
1. I look about 15... I'm really 23
2. My dad is wearing a Classic Chevy denim shirt - which is a SHOCKER... **sarcasm**
3. Charles looks about 20, he really turned 29 the day after Sydney was born
4. The picture with my grandpa: this is what happens after a gal has had a c-section and has been unable to wash her hair for days and days hahahaha

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You do look about 15, that is soooo funny! You both look really young, you didn't then, but you do in these pix. Of course I look wonderfully youthful myself, right???!! hahahaha