Wednesday, November 12

Sick Kiddo

Trey has been sick for 2 days now. He just has a cold/flu I think. Basically his only symptoms are lack of energy and a fever. He is a little extra whiny, too, but not obnoxiously so. Tylenol has been keeping him going and hasn't been slowed down TOO much until the meds wear off. He said yesterday he had a tummyache but hasn't complained today, and is still able to eat.

I made my grandma a doily yesterday. I have to go buy some straight pins so I can block it because it does curl a bit, but its really pretty. My first doily. :-)

What else can I tell ya??? I slept in WAY too late today trying to keep Trey in bed getting some extra rest, and my day is all screwed up as a result........ Basically today just sucks, but oh well, those days happen, I suppose.

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