Wednesday, November 5

KNITTING! (well, crochet...)

I am getting the itch to do something creative...
My needles and hooks are in the abyss of the coat closet, so I think I will head to JoAnn Fabrics and get a hook and a skein and see what happens. I'm thinking dishrags because I'm in serious need of some new ones.

So last night we stayed up and watched the election results - it was so cool watching it all unfold. I'm glad Obama won, and I think if he can avoid assassination he has some good ideas. I like the fact that he isn't riding on the coattails of his family and is a self-made person. I mean, he had student loans for crying out loud!! lol!

Anyway, politics and crafts aside... I think I'm in the mood for Chinese food. So I'm gonna go get me some! Yumminess, indeed. Life is good today.


Anonymous said...

Now remind me, Who's Kid Are You??????? Moom

Keppy said...

the mailman's