Thursday, October 16

Test Results

Well, unfortunately, there was something that came up in my blood tests afterall. It seems that I suffer from hypothyroidism... This isn't a huge shock to me, and after doing more research online about the subject, I'm hoping that the meds she put me on will help me feel better overall, and even help with my severe anxiety/depression issues. That would be awesome, let me say that right now. I'm going to stay realistic though, and realize that things won't change overnight, and the meds might need to be tweaked until we find the correct balance and this could take weeks/months to get things back to normal levels. But I can be optimistic, right?

Here is a checklist for hypothyroidism:
* Tiredness and weakness; feeling "run down"
* Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
* Constipation
* Depression
* Thinning or brittleness of the hair or nails
* Cold intolerance
* Sleepiness
* Memory loss
* Decreased libido
* Muscle aches and pains

I don't have all of these, but I have most, so I am grateful that we have caught this before things got REALLY out of hand.

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