Friday, October 10

Shampooing the Carpet

I think we should just leave all the furniture out of the front room, what do you think? lol Oh, and don't mind the curtain fuzz, it was a laundry "incident" that we can't seem to remedy... long story that I sooooooo don't want to relive...

But anyway, we got some of the carpets shampooed - the hallway, front room, and the landing of the staircase and the top of the stairs - the stairs themselves were too narrow to shampoo with the machine we had. Needless to say, we are all much happier now that all that is all cleaned up and our front room carpets look so much better. They are FAR from pristine, but they'll do until we win the lottery and can recarpet the whole house - oh wait you gotta win to play - CRAP!

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