Tuesday, October 7

Misc. Pics

"I am not a Crook!!" lol
Charles telling everyone, Peace, dude! And Dorothy with a safety pin in her teeth. Why? Because it was cute, and she has a pretty mouth and gorgeous teeth!

Dressup at Nana's. Trey's multiple personalities and Ally as an old lady. Man, Trey is pretty much filthy in these pics hahaha!!!

That is an evil grin if I ever saw one! Trey loves this dog! Her name is Sugar, she belongs to my mother in law's best friend - we were at her house for minute after Iona's heart cath before we left for home - AT TEN PM!!!

Ally at Nana's playing dressup and also showing her wings that will be part of her Halloween Costume.

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Anonymous said...

I just LOVE looking at all of these pix all the time!!! And thanx for the compliments, Toto. You are pretty special too, ya know! Oh were you just sucking up for Birthday presents???? hmmmmm